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Pipelines are key to delivering Alberta’s oil and gas to the right market.

Most pipeline infrastructure have been around for many years, so running them safely is the focus of all pipeline operators.


Integra leverages the most advanced data science and Machine Learning techniques through its powerful platform Digital Hub™. Through the platform, we generate insights and optimize your current processes in risk assessment, inline inspection data analysis, and dig planning optimization.

The results are reduced cost, reduced risk, and automated processes that lead to increased pipeline reliability and productivity.

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Optimizing processes in oil and gas is now more important than ever.

Whether it’s improving the current process or approaching things in a different way, Integra has a solution to meet your needs.

We leverage our state-of-the-art data science platform
Digital Hub™ and our most advanced Machine Learning techniques to help you generate revenue, save cost, and reduce non-productive time. 


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Increasing the life of your equipment through preventive maintenance schedules will directly impact your operations and affect your opex. 

The cost of repairing or replacing damaged equipment, as well as the production downtime revenue loss associated with it, will affect your bottom line.

We developed proven solutions for detecting anomalous behavior in SAGD operations and recognizing failure patterns in rotating equipment. This will help you take the necessary actions before the equipment fails. We leverage our advanced Machine Learning algorithms and the deployment capabilities of our
Digital Hub™  platform to deliver the solutions successfully in a short time and at a low cost. 


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In today’s challenging Oil & Gas market, maximizing production through small and incremental improvements has a huge impact on revenue. 

Using our data science and Big Data platform, 
Digital Hub™, we leverage statistical analysis and Machine Learning algorithms to provide you with insights, models, and proven solutions. 

Improve your opex by increasing production for minimal cost. 


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Safety is the top priority at every organization in the Oil & Gas industry. 

While everyone is getting better at counting the incidents and categorizing them for reporting, analyzing and understanding the root cause of an incident is an expensive and labour-intensive  activity. 


Integra leverages cutting edge natural language processing algorithms and our Digital Hub™ technology to uncover trends, root causes and correlations in your safety data. 

We combine your existing incident data with external datasets to generate a robust safety dashboard that goes beyond counting incidents.



Traditional solutions are time-consuming and expensive. 
Our solutions are more accessible, more accurate, and faster.
We turn your existing data, in whatever capacity, into the valuable information you need to make profitable decisions.
We do it with a more robust background in Oil & Gas, and
at a much lower cost than our competitors.

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