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Integra Data and Analytics - SAGD Water




You think your After Filters are doing a great job in reducing the water Turbidity to the acceptable threshold…until they are not.  

These problems usually go unseen for weeks while dirty water has been going through the filters, WACs, and down to your steam generator.

This hugely impacts the amount of chemicals that is used downstream and upstream, and the quality of steam for SAGD operation.

Not to mention the operation downtime and cost to repair the filter, as well as the impact on system’s overall performance.


In short, delays will occur and money will be lost.


Integra leverages data science techniques and uses your SCADA data to identify patterns of anomalous behaviors of After Filters and their indications. We use Integra’s state-of-the-art Digital Hub™, Machine Learning algorithms and your near real-time data to notify you when filters start to act abnormally. This will help you take the right remedial action in a timely manner and save money and the environment by reducing the backwash cycles.

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