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We are a group of passionate engineers and computer scientists who love solving tough problems.


Our focus on value creation and client success has brought us together at Integra with a big mission to accelerate the adoption of AI/ML in the Oil & Gas industry.


Why Oil & Gas?


As local Calgarians, we understand how important the Oil & Gas industry is to our community and our country.


We also know how much untapped data exists from operations.

We believe in the power of analytics - specifically Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - so we have made it our mission to bring the latest innovation in AI/ML to our colleague engineers dealing with daily operational challenges.



We don’t just solve a problem. We transform how work is done.

Our out-of-the-box thinking and years of data and analytics projects has given us the ability to transform every aspect of our projects and solutions. We redefined data science delivery methodologies, use cutting edge technologies, and have the high caliber resources that settle for nothing less than perfect.



We think fast and act fast.


We don’t waste time, quickly changing direction when required to preserve value and exceed our client’s expectations in delivering valuable solutions. We understand the dynamic nature of data science and problem solving. We, therefore, have adopted agile methodologies with our own tweaks to ensure our clients have the freedom to explore options and change directions as they see necessary.


High Quality

We offer very competitive prices but never sacrifice quality. What our clients receive is always built to a high standard and is backed by over 20 years of experience from major consulting firms. Our client interactions, deliverables, code, and solutions are error-free and project our meticulous attention to details.


Low Cost

Let’s face it: Data science is still experimental and requires trial and error. We have made it our mission to lower the cost of these experiments by offering accelerators and increasing the probabilities of success by focusing on areas of operations that have adequate data and history of success.


We know how to define a successful scope that will generate high rates of returns.



Babak is a thought leader and technology architect with over 20 years of experience in transformative technologies.


He developed the enterprise analytic organization for one of the largest oil and gas companies in Canada from a basic strategy around self-serve and advanced analytics. Before serving as a corporate director and developing enterprise tools, process, and technologies, he led large delivery teams in Top 3 consulting firms for various industries. Babak is value driven and believes in incremental and high impact solutions based on data and analytics.


His expertise in enterprise systems, processes, and people management has given him a unique ability to influence IT professionals, executives, and business process owners, as well as design solutions that impact corporate bottom lines. As the founder and CEO of Integra, Babak has brought his consulting, corporate, and technical expertise to the market through a team of talented and innovative experts.



Solution Lead

Hoda is a strategic thinker and problem solver focused on adding value to the Oil & Gas industry through innovative approaches.

Her passion for data and analytics and strong belief in Integra’s methodology drives her to overcome the challenges that come her way during the project execution.

Using her understanding of the business processes, pain points, and constraints, she maps problems to the data, designs the solution, and leads the project in the right direction.

In collaboration with her data science team, she has delivered successful projects in a short time with exceptional outcomes.

Usman Kamran.jpg


Solution Architect

Usman is a big thinker and was one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20.

His big picture thinking and understanding of various technologies has positioned him well to deliver highly integrated and enterprise ready apps.

He is a problem solver and enjoys the challenges that technology integration brings to him every day.

Sylvia Lee.jpg


Data Scientist

Sylvia is a data scientist and skilled developer who is not shy of exploring and discovering innovative solutions to daily challenges.

Her expertise in data engineering and simulation has resulted in several successful solutions. She is deliberate in her research and very thoughtful of clients' needs and timelines.

Her practical approach to problem solving blended with quick learning ability consistently leads to innovative solutions that surpass client expectations.




Quan-Ha is a published researcher and holds a PhD in computer science with 12 years of hands-on experience.

His work has covered database management, cloud integration, and API development.

Quan-Ha was instrumental in transitioning RIM from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

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