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Applying AI and Machine Learning to your data enables effective decision-making that optimizes operations, reduces cost, and revolutionizes workflow. 

Integra services leverage the Digital Hub™  platform accelerators to deliver an end-to-end engagement with fast measurable results.



Optimize asset performance and reduce service cost and needless maintenance. 
Integra’s data science team leverages our cutting edge 
Digital Hub™ platform to rapidly develop data pipelines and algorithms. 

Our in-house subject matter experts ensure our solutions are backed by real Oil & Gas experience and insight. 

We combine that innovative, robust platform and experience to provide solutions that are more efficient and built much faster than our competitors. 
We approach each data science engagement directly, with a customer-focused mandate, and manage it using our custom agile methodologies. This ensures you know the timelines and milestones, and you can expect to get fast results.  

It is more important than ever to make smarter and more efficient decisions. These
 use cases show how we used data science to generate millions of dollars for our client. 




When you have 500 parameters coming in, how do you decide what is valuable? 
Machine Learning algorithms have a proven track record in predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, clustering, and forecasting use cases.
Integra can quickly determine your operational data characteristics, identify anomalies, and develop a hypothesis for a solution. 


We leverage cutting edge open source Machine Learning algorithms to develop predictive models and identify optimization opportunities.

Compared to competitors and to traditional data science methods, we reduce the timeline from months to weeks. 


Gain a significant competitive advantage with transformative information – in your hands – FAST
We developed techniques and expertise to run Monte Carlo Markov Chain simulations using cloud computing power at very low cost.  
We leverage our powerful Digital Hub™ integration capabilities to easily expand computing power on demand. The platform will spin up hundreds of computing nodes in order to execute the simulation on demand.  
This means we can perform simulations faster and cheaper than anyone else out there. These use cases show how

we run 10,000,000 simulations quickly at a very low cost.



Your data is one of your greatest assets. It can deliver insights that lead to a significant competitive advantage.  
We can turn your data into those actionable insights.  
Our focus on Oil & Gas operations and subject matter expertise give us the ability to understand your operational data and build algorithms and models better than our competitors.   
Take a look at how we used existing high frequency data

to build a multi-million dollar business case 
for a drilling company.


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