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AI/ML Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

AI/ML Centre of Excellence
Enabling AI/ML Services Through CoE

Have you recently hired a data scientist to make sense of your data but run into all sorts of challenges such as lack of quality data, tools, processes, communication issues, or even lack of "progress"?

You are not alone.

The growing demand for data driven decision making is disrupting the demand and supply equilibrium in IT centric analytic functions. IT functions are no longer able to keep up with the demand in a completely centralized fashion. The variety, velocity and changing business requirements are too fast and too frequent for the slow and systematic IT processes to keep up.

If you're not considering outsourcing your analytic services and are looking to build internal capabilities, A hub and spoke model is required to harness the knowledge of existing business experts while enabling them with secure/governed data, analytic platform and agile processes in order to scale the analytic capabilities in a sustainable fashion.

Integra Executive Tip: Start planning your analytic centre of excellence today; Doing nothing is not an option as it will result in many efficiency challenges in future such as:

  • Inconsistent data analysis processes

  • Silo data science function

  • Duplicated data and duplicate data management efforts

  • Slow adoption

  • Lack of measurable results

  • Multiple tools to maintain for various groups Increased cost of generating insight from data

Integra Data and Analytic solutions is an AI/ML service provider focused on energy industry. We help organizations accelerate their data driven initiatives using proven industry use cases in predictive maintenance, asset integrity, energy management, production optimization and health and safety. To learn more about how you can accelerate their AI/ML journey request a demo of this solution.

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