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Integra Provides Fast, Efficient, Full Scale Data Solutions for Energy Industry



Data Science & Business Intelligence Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Our Solutions and Services are backed by 20 years of experience in data and analytics domain and our subject matter expertise in Oil & Gas



Industrial Data Science

We approach each data science engagement with a process-focused lens and manage it using our custom agile methodologies. We combine our expertise and experience in the industry and data science to deliver the results.

Machine Learning

We use your existing data and most advanced Open Source algorithms to develop custom Machine Learning solutions to your operational problems. Our domain expertise allows us to rapidly engineer the necessary data pipelines and save you time and money by reducing the delivery timelines.

Our expertise in insight generation and story telling will help you communicate the result of your data and analytic projects with internal and external stakeholders effectively, making sure your project ROI is measured and delivered successfully.

Business Intelligence

We have developed innovative techniques to run Monte Carlo Markov Chain simulations using cloud computing power at very low cost. You can use the simulation for forecasting with high degree of confidence.


We support our clients in each and every step of their AI/ML Adoption & Data Science journey by reducing execution risk and development cost and increasing success rates! 



WEEK 1-2

WEEK 2-10

WEEK 10-12

Data Collection &

Process Mapping

Data Science & Machine Learning


& Optimization



Predictive Maintenance

We have developed proven solutions for detecting anomalous behaviour and recognizing failure patterns in rotating equipments to help our clients take the necessary actions before the equipment fails, and eliminate the cost of repairs, replacement, and production shut down.

Production Optimization

We leverage statistical analysis, operational research and Machine Learning algorithms to generate actionable insights, and models that maximize your production through small and incremental improvements for minimal cost.

Pipeline Integrity

We leverage the most advanced Data Science and Machine Learning techniques to generate insights and optimize your current processes in inline inspection (ILI) data analysis, dig planning optimization, and failure forecasting.

Process Optimization

We leverage our most advanced Machine Learning algorithms to help you generate additional revenue, save cost, and reduce non-productive time through optimizing your current micro processes.


For clients who have a small team and want to enable their data science teams, we offer a self serve data science Platform. Digital Hub™ is a modern data science platform with data science and business intelligence capabilities. It hostsmost advanced open-source development, visualization and alerting applications in a cloud environment. These applications are pre-configured, integrated with a database, and ready to be used. Its user friendly, collaborative, and simplified workflow enables engineers, data scientists, and their teams to perform data science tasks with ease allowing them to focus on generating insights.



This team is experienced and understands how to communicate in the language of engineers and have peer to peer discussions, increasing the credibility of the IT Team. They provide technology solutions that bring business value.

Client testimonial - Industry Leader

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